iGen: 1996 - 2018

Millennials: 1995 - 1983

Gen X: 1965 - 1982

Baby Boomer: 1946 - 1964

Silent Generation: 1929 - 1963
Zap the Generation Gap
Meet the Generational faces of the iGen, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Silent Gen

Generation Gap?  You Bet!  Every generation brings their own set of characteristics, values and beliefs to the table.  Oh, and did I mention, attitudes? 

Demographics is the study of what makes people the same.  Psychographics is the study of what makes them different. 

We will review what makes each generation different and discuss how to utilize their unique strengths to increase sales, expand customer service, improve marketing efforts, and build strong customer relationships - online and face-to-face, plus in speaking forums, and with your family too! 

In this content rich, highly interactive presentation, you will learn how: generations behave, appreciate why they do what they do, understand how others think,  what drives them, build rapport, and experience others, at a different level. 

You will increase your knowledge of psychological behavior, work ethics, and learning styles of the different Generations.

By understanding the Generations, at this level, you will also have the knowledge to be more successful when recruiting, hiring, engaging, and retaining staff members.  You will realize increased sales, reduced product returns, and have happier customers, who become long term buyers through improved customer experiences. 

Many have reported that after attending  this session, that you will find your communication with your family has improved too!
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