Inspiring the Team
Hire, Retain and Engage
"How to Hire, Retain, and Engage Staff Members"
Perhaps no other management challenge is more vexing than the magical mix of intuition, pragmatism, science and emotion that go into hiring and retaining great talent, and identifying and separating individuals who aren't providing valuable contributions to your team and its goals.

This interactive session will mix analysis of hiring and retention strategies, exemplary leadership techniques, anecdotes about the value of intuition, and thoughtful direction to help you identify potential issues, empower the
valuable staff, celebrate the extraordinary performances and humanely let go of those whose strengths or inspirations lay elsewhere. The benefits of attending include:

· Learn the top 10 hiring considerations
· Understand how to retain staff through engagement and more
· Using your personal intuition
· Empowerment for engaging, retaining and hiring staff members

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