Engage Your Audience
Developing and Enhancing your Presentation Skills

Great speaking skills can mean the difference between success and failure; they can set you apart, help take you to the next level in your career, make a positive impact on your organization and increase sales.  Transform your speaking skills to become a more confident speaker, who commands attention, owns their platform, seals the deal and leaves them wanting for more.

Do you spend hours, days, sometimes weeks preparing for your presentation? Are you still using clipart on your slides and fill them with too much text and images? Do you get a pit in your stomach when someone asks you to speak in front of a group?

Become a more poised speaker, who connects with people; delivering inspirational, educational and memorable presentations in front of small to large groups, staff meetings and/or  in sales meetings, outside events like conferences and retreats will provide you the success you need to deliver extraordinary speeches.

If you are an advanced speaker or just starting out, Ivy will share techniques for delivering your first, or enhancing your hundredth presentation.  The information you will learn in this session will contribute to your next “presentation” being awesome and you being professional and confident in your delivery.

This is your opportunity to learn from a professional speaker, qualified by the National Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation.
Benefits of Attending
· Understand what distinguishes an excellent speech from a presentation.
· Hear how to increase audience interaction.
· Learn about movement, appearance and positioning on the “platform”.
· Consider ideas about what your appearance might portray about your message.
· Learn what makes for excellent slide designs and what harms your message.
· Hear key characteristics for the room setup (atmosphere, equipment, music, visuals, and distractions).
This seminar delivers innumerable valuable tips. Attendees have said it was one of the best presentations they have attended for both personal and professional speaking skills development.  We're all on the “stage” at some point and advanced communication skills will have the most powerful impact on your interactions.

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