High-Functioning Autism
Understanding Autism
"Living with High-Functioning Autism for over 60 years"

Do you know someone who has Autism and want to understand them better?  Maybe it's you and you want to know more about the condition.  This presentation is loaded with information to help you fully understand Autism. You will be able to assess if you, or someone in your family has it also.  This is my personal story, being someone on the spectrum, with high-functioning Autism.
My life was changed for the better, since I was diagnosed. I understand why I do and say what I do.  Help others by hearing this presentation and possibly help someone in your own family.  You will leave this talk with fresh insights and a better appreciation of this condition.
"I gave my son the book “Why I jump” he read it immediately. It was very validating, I just ordered 4 more books.  One I'm excited about is called the “The Loving Push” for parents on what to do and what not to do!
I've just got to say, thank you!  Having this information is just a relief. 
I questioned myself… Was I too easy on him?  Did I not teach him the correct life skills? What's wrong?!?  I've spent the last few weeks, since your talk, mentally reliving his life and I keep coming up with more examples that now make sense.  Like the concert I took him too where he spent the whole time covering his ears, and how he won't eat the colored corn chips at the Mexican restaurant because the texture is different.  He's a really picky eater, but its usually not about taste, but texture or feel that throws him off.  And OMG don't get me started on his sensitivity to smells!! 
This is such a relief and gives us a direction to look for answers.  Thank you again for your presentation.  It was life changing."  - Sandy F
All attendees will be provided access to a test to get a preliminary understanding if you, or someone you know, are potentially on the spectrum.

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