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Thought Leadership
10 Steps How to Think Like a Thought Leader

Not everyone may be a thought leader, but everyone can think like a thought leader and make powerful transformations in self and the organization by practicing the “Top 10 Characteristics of Influential Thought Leaders”. The key is to understand the employment of thought leadership as an instrument to develop strategic positioning by individuals, organizations, and associations to differentiate and lead in the industry.

Ivy’s quick-paced delivery of the top 10 characteristics of influential thought leaders will entice you to embrace innovative and revolutionary ideas, as a means to empowerment. You will be stimulated with thoughts on increasing idea generation and decreasing work effort through non-traditional thinking.
The benefits of attending include:
• Learn the definition of a “Thought Leader” and how it applies to you.
• Understand how to think like a Thought Leader.
• Learn the top 10 characteristics of Thought Leaders.
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