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Transforming Lives Through a Better Understanding of and Effectively Communicating with Different Generations

At our Signature Event, held in Phoenix, Arizona, we heard the statement, "Your raised them, now manage them."

Resource listing of YouTube video clips on the Generations plus other tidbits of information.

Millennials (13 - 27 years old)
National Mentoring Center -
Customer Service Smackdown: Boomer vs. Millennials: Generally speaking, Millennials prefer the web, self-service and
texting. Boomers want a high touch approach.
Understanding Gen Y - The New Silent Generation
Generation Y and their work expectations
Perception vs. Reality: 10 Truths About The Generation Y Workforce (Excellent article about hiring and managing

Referred to as:
Gen Y
Internet Generation - iGeneration
The Now Generation
Generation D (D for digital)
Net Gen (Net Generation) Generation

Gen X (28 - 42 years old)

Generation X
Marketing to Generation X

Referred to as:
Gen X
The 13th Generation
Baby Busters
The Generation After

Baby Boomers (43-61 years old and the largest generation)

The Hot New 'Retirement' Plan for Baby Boomers: Starting a Business
Baby Boomers
American Generations Fast Facts

Referred to as:
Baby Boomers
The "Me" Generation
War Babies
The Love Generation
The "Doom" Generation
Silent Generation (62-82 years old)
The Mature Market
Stoic Women: Voices of the Silent Generation
Frugal generation finds itself in debt, bankruptcy court

Silent Generation

Referred to as:
The Beat Generation
The Sandwich Generation
The Frugal Generation
Leading-edge Boomers
The Depression Generation

Builders (83-106 years old)
Information on the G.I. Generation
Quicktakes on the G.I. Generation

Referred to as:
G. I. Generation
The Dying Generation
The Greatest Generation
The Veterans

Note: The age ranges noted above are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.  Some people vary these age ranges slightly
with a 1-4 year age difference in their estimations.

General Resources for All Generations
Managing the Generation Gaps in Your Call Center
Service Gap Irks Boomers: Clash of generational etiquette
About half of Japanese consumers prefer e-mail and the Internet to telephone when contacting call centers, Avaya
research shows
Generations in History
Generation Labels
Managing the Multigenerational Workforce:
Tapping the Generation C Market
Managing Millennials: Eleven Tips for Managing Millennials
When Generations Collide at Work Quiz
Books on Generations
Getting Them to Give a Damn
Mentor's Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships
Generations by William Strauss
Through the Ages - When Generations Collide
American Generations: Who They Are and How They Live
Demographics vs. Psychographics Defined

"I admire your ability to bring people together and promote inclusiveness."

Access Caring Consumers Site
The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is
dedicated to abolishing the exploitation of animals
used in research, education and product testing.

NAVS promotes greater compassion, respect and justice
for animals through educational programs based on
respected ethical and scientific theory and supported by
extensive documentation of the cruelty and waste of

NAVS' educational programs are directed at increasing
public awareness about vivisection, identifying humane
solutions to human problems, developing alternatives to
the use of animals and working with like-minded individuals
and groups to effect changes which help to end the
suffering inflicted on innocent animals.

On this website you can type in the name of a product or
company that you want to find out if they do animal testing
or not.  You'll be surprised how many animals have
suffered to "supposedly ensure you are receiving "safe"
products, which by the way, is rarely the case.

Next time you go into your bathroom, take a look around
at the Q-Tips, Dove, Suave Hair Products, Colgate,
Caress, Lever 2000, Ponds, Vaseline products, Cover Girl,
Sally Hansen, etc. that you may have sitting on your shelf. 
These are only a small handful of the products that have
been tested on animals inhumanely.

Then go into your kitchen or laundry room and see if you
have some of these products that were tested cruely on
animals; Wisk, Murphy Oil Soap, Dynamo, Fab Products,
Ajax, Softsoap Products, Clorox, Melaleuca,  Arm and
Hammer, etc.

You can access a list of other companies now.  Click to
go to Caring Consumer's site. They list companies that
do and don't do animal testing.