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Welcome to Ivy Speaks
Transform your business through reinvention, fresh ideas, and gaining advanced expertise
“Yours was by far the presentation I ‘got the most’ from. The further along my career I go the fewer the number of people I can view and say ‘wow, I can learn a lot from that person’. You would be one of those few.

Thank you again for your insight and sharing your business savvy with us.”

Annette, Director of Service Agency Operations
Humana, Inc.
==> Benefit from in-depth business analysis
==> Attend Events, Conferences and Retreats
==> Experience content rich presentations
Meet Ivy

You will experience useful, highly interactive speeches that deliver how- to solutions, statistics and proven solutions.  Opportunities to save millions or at a minimum - hundreds of thousands from improving business processes. The most proven strategies for stream-lining business. Completely custom solutions and deep dives into your unique needs. Resolution to your most difficult staffing issues.

Ivy is the founder and CEO of High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc., and passionately shares her experiences and knowledge through speeches, consulting services, coaching and mentoring - contributing to people's growth personally and professionally in business and in life.

Referred to as the “Female Tom Peters”, when it comes to business, technology, processes, best practices and the people in the service and support industry, she is one expert who can speak to all levels.
Speech: Generations
"Zap the Generation Gap"
Generation Gap? You Bet! Every generation brings their own set of characteristics, values and beliefs to the table. Oh, and did I mention, attitudes?

Demographics is the study of what makes people the same. Psychographics is the study of what makes them different.

Understanding and appreciating different viewpoints, behavioral and communicational styles helps to “Zap the Generation Gap” in sales and marketing, the workplace, speaking forums, and with your family too!
Speech/Consulting: How to Transform your Contact Centers and Help Desks
"The Technology Behind the Business"
Remarkable leaders know the amazing potential of technology, and embrace the inherent ambiguity its leverage entails. They embrace innovative solutions and look for ways to reinvent the use of applications.

In this fast-paced, interactive session, one of the earliest geeks in the service and support industry, Ivy delivers a potpourri of service oriented solutions that will excite you . Embrace these innovative use of applications, as a means to empower your team to provide superior customer experiences.

You will hear innovative and creative solutions to gain competitive advantage, improve customer relationship management, enhance communication and advance training mediums.

"Speaker Mastery Workshop"

Excellent speaking skills can mean the difference between success and failure; they can set you apart, help take you to the next level in your career, make a greater impact or increase sales.  Transform your speaking skills to become a better more confident speaker, one who commands attention, owns their platform, and seals the deal leaving them wanting for more.

Do you spend hours, days, sometimes weeks preparing for your presentation? Do your slides pop like the pros? Do you get a pit in your stomach when someone asks you to speak in front of a group? You won't after this workshop.

Become a more poised speaker, who connects with people; delivering inspirational, educational and memorable presentations in front of small to large groups, staff meetings and/or  in sales meetings, outside events like conferences and retreats will provide you the success you need to deliver extraordinary speeches.

If you are an advanced speaker or just starting out, Ivy will share often overlooked techniques for delivering with grace, style and impact.  The information you will learn will contribute to your success now and in the future, with professionalism and confidence in your delivery.

"I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work and contribution to the CRM Leadership Summit. The event was successful. The overall conference scored well and our speaker scores were very high - this is a direct reflection on the quality of the content you deliver.  We could not have been this successful without the help of you and your speaking / knowledge expertise."
Speaker Training:
Speaker Mastery
Speech: Autism

"Understanding High-Functioning Autism"
"Understanding Autism from someone who has been living with it for 60 years".

My life was changed for the better, since I was diagnosed. Understand Autism by hearing this presentation and possibly help someone in your own family or even yourself.

Improve relations through a better understanding of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. There is a vast spectrum of individualism. Individuals will benefit from having a clear perspective on the impact and value of being on the spectrum. Understanding how the brain works, why empathy is more than a virtue, and it is a core way to knowing others better.

You will be provided a test to assess if you or someone you know is on the spectrum. (Confirm with your doctor, if you suspect Autism.)
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Gain insights from Ivy after 35 years on the hunt for solutions.
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